Angel Messages




 The Angels are saying that our words we are using to communicate our feelings recently to one another might have been a little 'spicy.' For lack of another word. They remind us that we can speak with a little spice like 'ginger' that will be quite effective, as in speaking in a 'Gingerly' fashion. This gives us a breath of time to relay our thoughts and communication in a frequency that will be heard. Remember words have weight to them, and sometimes speaking them heavily can weight down an issue even more, while that may not be ones intent. Speaking gingerly, keeps the spice in but prevents the inflammatory effects of our words. On the physical realm, ginger is an anti-inflammatory spice as well. smile emoticon:)


 Time to commit to self! No if's ands, or buts! Angels are there to ward off any excuses. The time is now, the time is right, just do it!:)


 Angels are great Economists, they are speaking about the theory of Supply and Demand. Universe provides an unlimited supply of love, light, and energy. Be mindful of others who maybe demanding of it. It is best to keep a reserve supply on hand for you and only you. It will always be available when needed.


 Magnificence is a state of being, not a state of mind. Your Angels know the Magnificence of You, Do you? =)


Angels ask if your EMS system is engaged? They are talking about the Energetic/ Etheric Messaging System:) Yes, please always remember your Angels and Guides/ and Universe are always taking requests. It is a system that is never too busy to take yours, if you remember to ask. Consistency is the key, focus on a request and take action steps towards it, as you are engaging in the energy of your intention. This is an interactive system as you and your Angels are a great team!


'Planetary Fitness' is the message of the new year. This comes in all realms. We must all exercise our abilities in keeping our planet a beautiful and peaceful one. It is a living, breathing world. Whether it is participating in a planetary peace plan, or environmental action, or simply planting more trees. What is one action you can take to keep be a planetary fitness coach, remember anything you do will benefit yourself and others. " Mother Earth will take care of us, if we take care of her:)


 For the New Year the Angels say to aspire to be a "Triple Threat"! Keep working towards becoming proficient in the aspects of Physical/Mental/Spiritual balance and harmony for your being. Let no body shake your ground, as the "Force" will be with you! :)


Adaptation is word of the season. With all the hustle and bustle around you, show off your Zen qualities as this busy time tends to push even the most calmest of personalities. Your Angels are there supporting the 'Chill' in the air, and we are not speaking about snow:) Your resonance of adaptation will likely yield to adoration from others as you have the ability to bring about the 'Harmonic Convergence' of the Holiday Season! Your Angels encourage you to share your Chill Tips with others:)


In light of world events this week, the Angels are talking about a movement called "Ignite the Light" This is about sending a "Random Ray of Kindness" across the planet, especially to France. They are calling on all "Lightworkers" to facilitate this now. A good place to start, but not limited to only these frequencies is with the colors of the French Flag, as it will align perfectly. A much needed frequency is Red, as this is the ever so grounding and stabilizing not only to the country, but to the planet. White light, no explanation needed, as this frequency carries the vibration of LOVE and acceptance for all beings and mankind. The frequency of White light is as Universal as the language and frequency of Music, it transcends all cultures and languages. The third color in the French flag is Blue, which aligns with the voices of the people, and the voices of all of humanity who stand for nothing less then a planet of harmony, peace and acceptance of all cultures, and people. These are the jewels of each persons individuality that create the treasures of the world you live in. Let us stand up and spend a few moments in the day sending a "Random Ray of Kindness" to the people and souls of all nations. "IGNITE THE LIGHT". PLEASE SHARE AND PASS THIS ON TO ALL. We as ONE can make a difference.


As the weekend approaches the Angels remind us of a time of respite from the weeks events to decompress. They make us aware of the importance of Meditation, whether it is a walk in the woods, or the beach, or perhaps a little time of focusing on the silence within. This is the ideal way to hear your guidance, and breathe:) They show me that the difference between MediCation vs MediTation is one letter. The C in medication refers to Corpus or physical body, while the T in meditation refers to Total, meaning total body. Meditation is Medication for the Whole body! There are side effects of Meditation though, the potential to lower blood pressure, heart rate, increase immune response, as just a few.. If you are currently taking medication, meditation works wonderfully alongside with your medication as well, It gives the body a window of healing and balance with just a few minutes a day. Remember there are several ways to meditate with many options. Find your favorite way. Weekend is here I am thinking about a walk in the woods on the way to the beach to walk on the sands of time, hope to see you there :)


The Angels are asking if you have a "Trust Fund" in place? When was the last time you made a deposit into that fund? What they are speaking about is the "Trust Fund" within You. How full is it at present? It is important to establish one. Learn to trust yourself and your instincts. This is imperative so you can know and feel who to trust outside of yourself. Trust is an earned commodity. Others must earn and deserve your trust, but in order to know and feel that, you must know to trust from within. This fund gives great "interest" as your Angels are engaged in supporting you in this. They give a definitive guideline in teaching you to know and trust your instincts. " Trust in the truth that is not disproportionate to thyself." You won't go wrong.


The Angels are asking if you hang a 'Do Not Disturb' sign outside your bedroom door at night? They say this because of the many nights you are awakened by your own thoughts, or cannot sleep as you are taking up precious restorative rest with too much self afflicting thoughts that do not serve you. There are real estate agents out there who would love to be able to sell off the amount of emotional real estate in our heads that is taken up on thoughts of self judgement, guilt, remorse, which translates to 'conditional love' of self. Your Angels do have their Brokers License and want you to release the negative real estate that is taking up space in your mind. They want to replace it with thoughts and feelings of 'Unconditional Love' of self for now and always. They think it is a very fair trade. They suggest you sleep on that one for a night if you can, so when you do hang that 'Do Not Disturb' sign in the future, it will mean what it says. You will no longer disturb yourself with non productive mind babble, but resting on the unconditional love of self that your Angels have always been giving you. They are waiting to put the real estate Sold sign up, as you relinquish your non productive emotional real estate! BTW there are no interest rates involved, only the fact that your Angels have a 'vested interest' in You!


Do YOU have a 'Declaration of Independence'? If so, what is your declarative statement? Your Angels want you to think about your ability to stand independently on your terms, meaning be proactive on your own behalf, inclusive of being your best advocate. Stand up for yourself, and be yourself, and proud of who you are! Realize that you are independent in your emotions, and do not necessarily have to depend on anyone else feeding your emotional stance. Your Angels know you are strong and resilient and a continuous bright light. Stay grounded for clarity and focus, your Angels are on your support team 24/7. The more grounded you are the clearer you will know their presence.


The Angels are talking about living in a "Perfect World", doesn't everyone want that! With that perspective it can be a very disappointing world as we experience life's lessons, or maybe not:) Angels are speaking to remind us that "UTOPIA is a Paradigm of Consciousness." If physically we would have a perfect world in the definition we portray a 'perfect world' to be, there would be no more ascension and learning, a still point of no movement on the physical realm. With that said, since Utopia is a paradigm of consciousness, and that consciousness is on a frequency and channel of LOVE, one can access that resonance/ frequency on a daily basis, and bring forth the knowing and awareness of that paradigm. This is where we stop to see the beauty around us, finding that still point of coherence between Divine consciousness and the world around us. Recognize a moment or moments of Utopia in your day, you will be surprised on how you will shift gears, and create the space around you that YOU want to be a part of. :)


The Angels are saying that is high time to protect your "Intellectual Property." Although this is a common phrase usefully referring to authors, speakers etc. They know you are the author of your book of life:) Each day is a new beginning, and adds to a new chapter, with that said it is important to leave the space for you to create and write it. Realize that in each day there is a protected space for you. It is your choice to engage it, and use it wisely to pick up the proverbial pen so to manifest what you want on your page currently. Heaven knows you are a highly acclaimed author of life!


Know you are a perfect being. Perfection is in the eyes of the beholder, and you know who ' The Great Beholder' is:) Your Angels suggest not to argue with perfection, no more needs said!


The Angels make us aware that with the global energetic activity upon us, many may feel somewhat ungrounded at this time, and even a little breathless. Spirit knows we will ride this current wave, but to help develop and keep the stamina, they suggest an energetic austerity program with yourself. This means to keep things around you, and your daily life as simplistic as possible, spending some allotted time on breath work and meditation. Remember it doesn't have to take a lot of time, but consistency is the key. Many of us feel like fish swimming upstream in a downstream current, but staying on a daily routine of keeping it simple as much as possible, will give you the opportunity to ride the wave like an olympic swimmer, it is all about conditioning, without any floatation devices.


You are recognized as a Philanthropist, actually a philanthropic addict! This means you are a "giver" however, you give and you give. The Angels are not necessarily referring to money, but your time, your energy, and your overall space, inclusive of personal space. Please remember a successful Philanthropist also keeps a reserve for him/herself! This way you are always giving in Joy, with no stress on you attached with it. Please be mindful when you do Give to others, give back something to yourself to restore, and replenish. This way there is always a balance, and you will always be able to share your amazing self, and gifts endlessly if you wish, with joy, love and harmony between all parties involved. Ok Earth Angels, what are you going to give You today? Angelic suggestion...Always give yourself space to breathe:)


Resolution is the word . A strong wave is on for the next 7 weeks for resolution towards something that lacks a resolve. The stage is set for a clean sweep of higher vibrational energy to start clearing the path of perplexing issues where the next step seemed to hit a wall. Keep your mind and eyes open to find that next step in the path to a resolve of an issue, whether physical, mental or spiritual issue. Set focus on what the issue is that needs the highest priority of resolve on your daily introspective. Ask for clarity and a 360 perspective.


Angels are talking about a "Special Delivery" but the kind of special delivery you give others. Recognize within you something you gave did or gave to another that made a difference more than you may have imagined. Be aware that special deliveries do not have to take but a moment of time in many cases. Taking that moment or minutes of your time, can be impactful for a lifetime to another. When all things are done in the Light of Love, it leaves an indelible mark eternally! Your Angels are sending your special delivery of Love as we emoticon


The Angels are talking about "Instant Gratification". They experience it constantly as they are present, in the now and in "the know". They are asking, how do you experience instant gratification, and remind us that this is a double edge sword and one needs to be careful what to ask for, as they will see it manifest. An example is, if we wake up on the wrong side of the bed and our day starts off on the wrong foot, one usually will expect that pattern to continue throughout the day, and once it does, it is a "self fulfilling prophecy." since you say "I knew it would be like this all day." That is a form of instant gratification, as it served a purpose for you to only see the negative, and proved you were right. The reality is, you were not in the now, and dragged that energy throughout the day with you. If things get off to a rough start somedays, release that moment. Reset the tone for a productive day, at the end of the day reflect on just one bright light you saw. The Angels remind you, now that is instant gratification! Vs "instant disatisfaction.!:)


What is your de-stress signals? What subtle signals does your body/mind/spirit send out to you? Recognize when to de-stress, prevent di-stress which engages a whole other dynamic of the physical being. Empower yourself to the awareness of the first symptoms of knowing when to de-stress and having the modalities on hand to so immediately. Practicing daily routines of de-stressing should be as routine as eating a meal to feed your physical body for survival. Engage in a peaceful meal of harmonic balance then one can reap in the rich desserts of life!


It has been almost two weeks since I have posted, as I have been away visiting family and friends in NY. I have been blessed with 3 new babies in our family, and participated in a cousins wedding. To say the least it has been a week full of blessings, and moments to take your breath away, from pure joy, and love. As life is so busy for each and everyone of us, we get so wrapped up in the turmoil, even I found it hard to break away for a short time, but felt compelled to be there, not only for them, but for myself. With that said, the Angels sent me a beautiful message which I will share, as it is for all to learn, and become aware.

 "We would like to bring to your awareness that each step on ones journey is a hearts breath away, if one tends to procrastinate their action steps it may seem like an never-ending mile, the distance may be the same, but the time continuum is prolonged to the point of emotional and physical fatigue, where one becomes breathless, much wasted expenditure of energy. Become more energy efficient. Execute an action step that you have prolonged. Realize that action is literally driven in the next breath and beat of ones heart once intention set. From that moment on, become aware of the magic between each breath and beat of ones heart, enjoy the scenery, take time to be the sightseer, if you procrastinate, you will miss the views along the way. Magic happens between the breaths,a space of nothingness, a blank canvas where you paint your creation. Take those moments for you. Each of us can be the ultimate tourist, learn to take in the sights, change destinations when need, re-route your journey to a more energy efficient pathway, but stay present always, as procrastination keeps you in the past, prevents movement into the future,and blinds one to what is presently in front of them. Take that first step, and then validate yourself for it, we do!"


This message was given to me last week, unbeknownst to me the day of the terrorist attacks in Tunisa and France. This was no "coincidence" Please read so we can amp up across the world the "Attitude of Gratitude" As this consciousness rises high in Universal altitude.  I encourage all to each day take a moment to count a blessing you experience.



The Angels take a very serious note this week aligning with the Summer Solstice, as they talk about "The Resurgence of Innocence." They are referencing the forthcoming souls coming to the Earth. These souls are of the purest, as they are coming to the planet with a clean karmic slate. They reference Angelic convergence with these souls as they are of the highest vibration that a highly evolved human body can assimilate. The need is now, in order to bring a harmonic convergence to restore what the term "ManKind" really means, as opposed to the lack of reverence to Humanity at present time. Resurgence of Innocence of these souls are crystalline light that will Bless the Earth with a mass infusion of Divine Love and Light :)


The Angels are talking about defining an action step that has moved you forward in a situation, whether it has been a creative one, business one, survival or otherwise. Define that action step, and Replicate it. Forward momentum is often if not always based on Replication of actions. Staying consistent is the key, "be persistent to stay consistent ." That goes for your overall formula for optimal health as well. Think about it, define your consistent action step or steps that has worked for you :)


Dimensional Reality

Keep dreaming Angels, you can make it happen! :)


The Angels are giving a quick driving lesson in life today. They remind us that sometimes in life like a car we 'stalll' and put our foot on the brake longer than need be. Time to put the 'Petal to the metal" and move fast and forward towards your goal, and through the obstacle course. They assure you that they are there to enhance your 'power steering' through life's situations. Drive through one obstacle that has held you back. The road is clear ahead, and they promise you will not get a speeding ticket on the way! :)




Have you ever 'retrofitted' your self to others? Meaning, have you changed or added behaviors that you do not inherently possess in the way you act and respond to suit others around you, but not necessarily suiting yourself? As powerful Energy Beings, we are shape-shifters, with that said we should use that ability to shape and evolve ourselves within our own body, to be comfortable to fit into our own skin. This is activating our authentic self no matter who you are. Stand up to YOU! Retrofitting oneself to suit others so they feel like they 'fit in' is dishonoring the true person you are. If we are true to our being, then we help ourselves, and have the ability to adjust ourselves around others while standing strong to our true identity. No more retrofitting, retro means past anyway, and we are all moving ahead, as there will be less resistance!


With the continued 'Spring clearing " in process, this should include our bodies as well as our surrounding and environment. What are you putting in your body? Angels suggest an easy way to determine this. They call it the LCG plan... Foods we eat should be LEAN, CLEAN AND GREEN.

LEAN,- proteins

CLEAN- as far as being as organic as possible, and being able to see your foods, not covered up with rich sauces. If you can't see the food through the sauces, probably not a good sign:)

GREEN- in color, and freshness, as in most fruits and vegetables.If anything we should put in our systems foods that have at least 2 out of 3 of these aspects, then it is a go. Start writing down what you eat, and see how much fits those categories. Small changes can help clean up our bodies,and shed unwanted pounds.

A Tofu Sundae sounds good about now :)


This message includes info for last week as well. I had time to channel, but not post, as it was a very busy week for me. Here goes: The Angels are referring to the "Clean Air Act" They remind us of that on a personal note. The air we breath can be toxic in more than one form. It is important on a physical note to stay away from second hand smoke, environmental pollutants in our atmosphere, but also just as important the air we breathe from the people and situations around us and in our own back yard. The energy field breathes with each breath we take, make no mistake, and if the air is not clear around us on an emotional and energetic dynamic, that is toxic. We feel toxic, become fatigued, and irritable. Be protective to yourself with the people and situations that can cause you toxicity in all ways.The Angels bring a fresh breath of air as Spring is here, and remind you to re- energize by planting some aromatic herbs and flowers to fill the air around you, besides the color frequency will do you good. Do not get to the point where one needs to feel they may need protective gear as a hazmat suit to avoid toxic situations, energetically or physically. Awareness is the key, and being protective to yourself is a badge of honor to you!


Do you find yourself to be "the Peace Keeper" whether it be in the family or in general, if you are, than you are a harmonizer. This is a strong attribute and your Angels want to remind you, that it is not an easy mission by any stretch of the imagination. They also want to inform you that this archetype is also holding the ground for a peaceful and harmonious world and consciousness. You are an anchor and that takes a lot of grounding and energy. Holding the space of peace and harmony starts within yourself and radiates out. Seems like a big job? You have been doing this your whole life "Earth Angel", and you thought it was just another day at the office!:) Keep up the great work!


Angels ask if your head is filled with 'retroactive emotions'? Meaning does emotions from past events interfere with your life on a daily basis. If this is so, then you are guided to convert those past emotions into proactive ones. Ask you Angels for some assistance in reconciling the old non productive ones into new and energetic thoughts, that will resonate love and coherence with your 'A' Team. It can be very freeing once you do! smile emoticon


Any good business person knows that a good calling card is their signature. What's on your calling card? What is your expertise that drives your soul purpose. Everyone has one, and with Spring here, it is a perfect time to know the business of you. Do some chakra clearing, and see what is written on your 'calling card'! :)


Angels are throwing a pile of papers up in the air. No they are not in the midst of doing their taxes although it is the emoticon They see lists of tasks at hand that you and many have made, piles of lists, including the lists that you made and forgot to take with you, and the lists that magically have disappeared and you are still looking for:) Your Angels are great organizers and as they toss up those lists of paper, those lists land in the proper order they should be addressed. Look at the immediate tasks at hand on the lists that have not yet been crossed off, clear it one by one. It lightens the load energetically. Less mess, less stress. If it gets to overwhelming and busy tackling it, there is one more list you can create... Angels calls it a "Honey do" list:)


Result driven Angels on call here. If YOU think you are a task manager go ask for guidance and help. Have you ever heard the saying "Love is in the Air" Yes it is, always! Your Angels are love, and will help you ride the wave of results. As March is a transition month of seasons, it is transition on many levels. Focus on just one task, event, project, whether personal or business, to begin the first steps of igniting the engine to drive it to completion. Spring Solstice upon us. "March" on now and set the energy for expansion and growth for April and the Spring season. Start planting your seeds, physically and figuratively, as gardening is a great grounding activity to reinforce your intentions.:)


This is a perfect time to create your dreamscape. What does that look like for you? Find your still point to start painting it. The ink is indelible and you will be able to go there anytime you like. What's more are the side effects of working with your dreamscape, as you begin to turn it into emoticon


Angel acronym  
Think about the things in life you will or won't allow, remember that is inclusive of allowing yourself to say NO when appropriate to do so.


Awe-inspiring is the word of the day from the Angels. They say it is a symbiotic relationship, although we look upon them for inspiring moments, they reflect their praise upon you daily, as you live moments that are inspiring, for yourself as well as the world around you. You are a symbol of humanity on many levels. As they say Awe-inspiring:) Recognize what is inspiring within yourself for a moment. Although you may recognize one or two aspects, your Angels have a list if you run out! :)


The Angels are speaking about your PH. Not in your physical chemistry, but in your emotional chemistry.(which does affect the physical one in the long run) Take a moment and check in with your emotional PH. Is it acidic, neutral or alkaline at the moment? If life's events or an event has left a bitter or acidic taste in your mouth and diffused it into your daily life, your Angels would love to help you neutralize that acidic energy into at least a neutral PH. We are talking about an emotional antacid. Learn what works for you to clear emotional energy. Color frequencies work well, along with some serious breath work to start. Eventually that energy can be transformed into an alkaline state where you begin to see the evolvement of the strength you have empowered from life's challenges as life moves full speed ahead. Energy, even acidic energy can be repurposed and transformed. Ask your Angels to help you find the emotional antacid to begin to neutralize it. Hint: If you hear some heavy breathing around you, it just might be your Angels doing a little breath work to blow those dark clouds away:) Here Comes The Sun! ( hmmm sounds like a song:) )


The Angels are feeling whimsical at present. They are asking, have you recently discovered a new color that you like? Try it on for size in a piece of clothing, a shirt perhaps. Sense how you feel in it. Once you discover the color or colors that balance you, maybe repaint a wall or a room in that color, or colors. While you are at it, think about repositioning a piece of furniture or several pieces until it feels just right! Some colors maybe more energizing or calming than others. Feel your way through to find the right balance or feeling you are trying to attain. It is a self prescription to restorative energy. If you have children, offer them color swatches of material and see which ones they like to hold, especially the calming one. They can even fold one up and keep it in a pocket to wear on them, if not wear a shirt of that color. What's your color prescription ? Ask your Angels they will assist you, they are great decorators! :)


The Angels gave me this piece of information this morning:

If we want to change the path, we must stop making excuses. We are the knowing navigators of the map of of our lives journey. Think about building a bridge to just one crossroad, and see what happens. Your Angels are there hovering besides you to help you fly across that bridge. Just call upon them. They are on duty 24/7:)


The Angels are asking... What is the latitude of your attitude ? Meaning your daily attitude greatly affects your energetic latitude and connection to Universe. As earthly latitude is defined as the northern and southern angles from the equator; ones whole attitude can clearly put up energetic blocks that affect the bodies energy field for grounding to the earth, and clear connection to Universe. So check in with the latitude of your attitude and start to set new coordinates to ascend as needed. FYI your Angels love to soar to great heights,and can take you on a ride without getting altitude sickness :)


Your Angels are asking you to utilize the planet's natural resources. Derive energy sources from the 5 elements. Align yourself with one them be it earth, water, fire, wind, spirit for balance and tranquility. These are endless resources, and you are the pipeline. It is a restorative time of the year, regenerate your body, mind and soul with natural resources. It is a direct connect, without digging too deep!   Namaste'


Simplify to Exemplify, is the message from the Angels, this week. As the New Year is upon us, it is a great time to lighten our load, whether it be physically, or mentally. Take some introspection and look at just one thing you can identify, that either takes up too much time or space in your life whether it be physical space or emotional space. Take action to either get it off your plate altogether, or simplify the matter as much as possible. This action can become a domino effect, and before you know it, there will be other tasks at hand that you will learn simplify. This will exemplify what truly is most important, and will help you stay on task, create more space and time for you! Now you will have the time to call upon your Angels, for plenty of feel good suggestions for You!:)


The Angels are whimsical this time of year. They recognize that each one of us is a heavenly gift, with unique jewels of light within. Our physical being is the box to our internal and well as eternal gifts. The Angels are asking you how tight is the bow around your box? Is it tied too tight to open, or is is tied neatly but loosely so the jewel inside is readily accessible? Words to the wise...Loosen the constraints around you to reap the gifts you have to offer yourself, as well as the rest of the world!!!:) If you listen carefully, you just may hear your Angels singing your praise "Joy to You" :)


The Angels are asking if you have an 'IRA' They are not speaking about a financial retirement fund, they are talking about an Infinite Reserve Act! It is a type of security fund though. What reserve plan do you have... energetically speaking. With all the daily hustle, stress and time constraints, it is imperative to to take action on making a small daily deposit to your energetic reserve fund. This will clearly feed into your retirement plan, as you will have much more stamina to enjoy the years when there is less daily hustle. Your Angels will help you plan and write your Infinite reserve act. Universe supplies an infinite amount of energy, it is up to us to absorb it as well as protect it. If you take a small amount of time to reserve a bit more of it daily, the interest you accrued throughout the years is priceless. Sign up for your IRA. Ask Universe for assistance on the best way to make your daily deposit. A quiet walk, a massage, a salt bath, are just a few simple examples. Make a part of the day all about you, so you can reserve a little 'peace' of you each and everyday. This is anti aging advice from your Angels! It works for them!


The Angels remind us that it is the time of year to give and receive. They know that times are tight financially for many, but they also know of a gift to give that is worth a million, with no out of pocket expense:) Many of us keep that gift so securely wrapped, that others are missing on the precious contents inside. Your Angels stand proud to proclaim You, as the most valuable of gifts:) So if you are a little 'wrapped' up at the moment take a breather, and open yourself up to those who deserve to be in your presence, you are a Heavenly gift on Earth. Don't deny others or yourself of your engaging and embracing light, all will miss out. Let your generous spirit light the way! Angels say it is time for a group hug!!!! 




The Angels are asking... Do you know the difference between a 'Belief' and a 'Knowing'? They say a 'Belief' is a concept of thought that although may have a portion of truth to it can have you question that belief, and can change it as easily as the weather. A 'Knowing' is only pure truth, and nothing less than the truth. It is grounded, unchangeable, and deeply rooted in self, as well as Universal truth.

As the Angels say, each day is a day of thanks and gratitude. For those of you about to celebrate Thanksgiving as well, your Angels celebrate it daily giving reverence to You! They are thankful for your presence on Earth, your gifts that you give to it, as they see you as a Universal gift, that is honored and loved. Your Angels do not just 'Believe' this, they 'Know' it, and hope for you to 'Know' it as well. So this Thanksgiving as well as each day, remember in your thoughts of gratitude, to say thank you for YOU, just as your Angels do.:)



Weekly Channeled Angel Message: With the holidays upon us, your Angels are asking for your recipe! No not for your turkey, and stuffing, but for you. What is your own personal recipe that gets you cooking so to speak. Is it a heaping cup of fresh air, a pound of rest, a pinch of laughter, and ingesting a lot of 'greens'. Those greens includes the nature walks for your breath, and clarity. When you do take that nature walk, your Angel will hand you a flower, called 'Forget me nots' This is to remind YOU, not to forget YOU in the recipe of life. This is your own personal recipe. Reflect on this, and start writing your ingredients for a healthy balanced daily life. Recipes change, and new ingredients are always available. Keep updating your recipe book. So what are you waiting for... Start cooking!:)



The Angels have informed me that this week the Earth energy is particularly strong. Meaning for those who might have not necessarily felt the earths energetic connection, this is the week to set intention to connect to it in your meditations. The vibration can become more palpable to you. This is important to your energy field in grounding, and makes over all perceptiveness, and perception to Universal Consciousness clearer. Take a nature walk this week, and know that your Angels are right beside you. If you start to feel or hear the vibration below your feet like a humming engine, you are not imaging that. Go hug a tree, you just may feel that tree hugging you back. =)



           OUCH!, Your Angels are feeling a cramp in there wings! They want you think about something that has been cramping

          your stride in life lately. Release from your solar plexus an event in life that has stopped you in your tracks. Standing in

          one place for a long time, can certainly cause a foot cramp or two. Energetically release the ties that have kept you

          there. One cannot listen to present and productive guidance with the echoes that you are still hearing from the past!

          That causes static and frequency interference. Start moving forward and those cramps will disappear! Ready to do

          the two step? Put your dancing shoes on, and follow the Universal beat. I think it is called OM:)       




 The Angels want to bring you the simple message of the 3U's. Universe Unifies/Unites Unconditionally! What a wonderful message! No worries, no self judgment needed, no explanations of should haves, could haves. The Universe and spirit only knows one frequency and everyone is included it is the frequency of


Even backwards it resonates the same EVOL, as in evolve, evolution. It is all onward and upward:)




The Angels are asking if you are a renter, or an owner? No , they are not speaking about real estate of a piece of property, they are referring to emotional real estate. How much emotion takes up space in you? Are you someone who rents an emotion, especially non productive one for a short term lease, and lets it go, or are you someone who owns that non productive emotions and builds onto it. A non productive emotion and perspective can easily build additions onto your emotional real estate, until you are so emotionally vested, the walls are harder to knock down. Angels advice, take up only productive, balancing and self validating emotions. An open space without confining walls within, gives clear perspective, with a wide open clear space. Now that is a productive space to own on a long term investment on You:)



 Angels asking, which earth element do you align with? They are speaking physically,
        mentally, and spiritually of course. Are, you Fire, Water, Earth, Air. Your Angels are not asking a trick question, just a
        question of awareness. One may resonate more than another, although many are a combination. So which one is You,
        post your element:)



        Endeavor into something new and exciting. Learn to create new options of

        opportunity  for yourself with something that you have always thought about doing. New options creates new

        windows that will open for you. Become an explorer into a new world for you! You are the ultimate explorer in                            your universe. Learning something new creates forward momentum, and if doing that consistently enough, creates a             healthy pattern, with endless opportunities awaiting you. Angels are holding the door of limitless opportunities open for you, which one will you step  through? :)



         Spirit reminds us it is time for a 'reality check'. It is not so much to make you aware

        of what was, it is more about seeing what is, and what can be, with the perceptive eyes and mind we all have, to see

        the magical signs daily that Spirit is with you. Ones ability to sense and perceive is true reality, it is your birthright, own

        it and engage it, so your 'reality check' is multidimensional, filled with amazing guidance to assist you in a healthy

        perspective of events around you!.



 Assimilation of stagnant thoughts and patterns that have not served you productively keeps kicking you from behind. Set your intentions now to assimilate a productive pattern of consciousness for your highest good. Call upon your Angels, and Divine to help you reset, and recalibrate your thoughts and clear dust off to make room for new and endless possibilities of You! Do not deny you the gift of yourself! If you do, you will never know how much you are missing. :) 

As the Jewish New Year of 5775 is upon us, may this year bring peace, health and harmony from the doorpost to our house to across the planet. Reflecting on the the tumultuous times of this past year, let us continually keep in our hearts and souls, a loving and healing consciousness. All new years from all cultures brings a new beginning, and creates all possibilities as we align our intentions. Let us recognize each and every opportunity, so we can collectively manifest the vibration of harmony on all levels. Let us also remember, that each new dawn brings about a new beginning as well, that is a gift we get each and every day to make a difference for ourselves and the world around us. 
Shalom ( peace) L'shana tova. Happy New Year.



It is time to do an energetic clearing of the space around you. As the fall equinox approaches and those cool winds shift the air, your house and work space should be cleared. Ask your Angels to do a little angelic sweeping so to speak, or you can clear your space with a salt water spray, using kosher, or hiimilayan salt and purified water in a spray bottle. Sage either burned or sage water can be used as well and adding other essential oils to calm the space works too. Lighting a white candle with or without fragrance brings a calming energy, as well as protective light to your space. Just as the seasons come and go, so should old energy residing around you. Like a spring cleaning of the physical clutter in your immediate space is essential, so is the energetic clearing that accumulates. Oh, angel reminder, along with clearing the physical and energetic clutter as fall approaches, time to change your smoke detector and radon detector batteries. A safe and clear space, provides a sacred place for your body and mind to reside in. =)


Who said looking through the world with Rose Colored Glasses is unrealistic? Your Angels eyes are rose colored and they only see all of your being in that light. Ok so some days they have their emerald green glasses on and can then see all the love that inhabits your being. They are questioning your vision of you, what color glasses do you look at yourself and reflect in. If you are seeing near or short sighted lately, please call in to the Angelic enlightened vision center, because your guides and angels want you to see you in the magnificence of light that you radiate to all =)


The Angels are asking if you are a member of AAA, no not the automobile club, but the Association of Angelic Assistance. The fact is everyone is an automatic member, although not everyone maybe registered. To register all you have to do is sign up during your next meditation, or take a moment to call upon your Angels and guidance to show you how you can see their signs.
There is no registration fee, and the information is unlimited unconditionally, and universally. What an offer, so what are You waiting for.  


Last week I was out of town, and while I had no time to post the weekly message, but that doesn't mean the Angels didn't deliver one to me. My apologies for the tardiness to everyone: Here is the message for the week of 8/20/14: 

A joint effort between your Angels and you is being put forth for a delivery of endearment for or from someone around you, this maybe relating to a family member, friend, or soul mate. Angels recognize that many relationships have been disconnected through out life for various reasons, and many maybe as simple as time and distance. When Love is the subject on any level it transcends time and space. So sit quietly for a minute and sense the first person that comes to mind that you have been thinking about reconnecting with, or sending a quick message to. You maybe surprised that one may be sent to you as well in the not too distant future. There is a window of opportunity here to send and receive a little validation of love, remember what goes around comes around. That is referred to as Angelic Air Mail, the best thing is... No postage required. :)


 Promises, promises! Take a moment to reflect upon the promises you have made to yourself since the beginning of the year. How many were there, and how many did you follow through with. Angels speaking loud and clear to take this week to reflect and revisit a healthy promise you might not yet have had a chance to fulfill this year. Once identified, set intention and goal to reach it, because next week is an accelerated energetic week. Angels say ride the wave, but take this week to reflect, prepare, and set intention. Universe is fueling for acceleration, which means your intention may not take as much energy to be set in motion at this time. Get ready to surf the energetic wave!!!



Your Angels want to remind you, to ASPIRE to you, and who you are, and what you want at this time, not to what others think you should be, or what you should want, or what they may want from you. This is an introspective and restorative time for you to take inventory on what your particular needs are presently, and be attentive and aware to you. Always remember there is enough of you to go around for others when need, but at the end of the day we are reminded that we need to respire to aspire. Think of it as setting an appt time at the Heavenly Angelic Spa, for a restorative massage of the soul. Relax, Breathe, and reach for the stars!



In Light of the Global Om this month, it so happend I received several emails stating that on this past Monday, Jews all over the world recited the "Shema" at noon,for allegiance and protection of Israel and Israeli soldiers. The Shema is one of the most ff not the most important prayer Jews recite, and traditionally said twice daily. I find it more than a 'coincidence' that this came during the Global Om my Angels have been speaking about since last March, as the month of July will be and as we see now is a month of transitional events. When people get together and pray, meditate on the same intention, it provides coherence and strength to the intention set forth. This is the Global Om in action. No matter what language you pray and meditate in, the language of love and oneness needs no translation, as it is the language of the heart, not the mind. As July comes to a close, and August is at our doorstep, please continue the mindfulness of sending out the Global Om each day. It only takes a few seconds as we all come together as a global community for setting forth healing, peace, balance and harmony on Earth.
Love and Blessings, Carolyn



As Spirit has awakened us this month to the 'Global Om' We are seeing the need daily to come to together as One, to support the tumultuous times we are seeing worldwide this month. Yet today another plane went down with at least 47 souls on board. Please take a few minutes in your day to surround those souls in 'light and love', to recognize their life while on Earth, and support their transition, along with their respective family and friends. July has turned out to be a month of unfolding events. Continue sending healing around the globe, after grounding and centering yourself. As sensitive people we tend to feel the unrest and shift in vibration, therefore it is imperative we take care of ourselves first, so we can be of support in times such as now. It is of vital importance for us to be able to attain restorative sleep, remember we continue to be productive as energetic beings in our sleep, and do it without effort while we restore ourselves on the physical level. A brief mediation before you go to bed, or even while you are in bed can be helpful for a better nights sleep as it clears your field and sets clear intention for yourself. My affirmation for this month is OM Shalom, let us keep peace in our heart, peace in our soul, to set a strong grounding to promote harmony, strength, and healing. Please call upon your angels and guides and your Divine Source to help you. Remember we are never alone, and Divine Spirit is there to support you.
Sending you Love and Blessings Always, Carolyn


 This weeks message has been given, on the 7th it is clearly a more definitive message for the entire month of July. As I was on a cruise last week, it is a wonderful opportunity for me to do some heavy duty grounding. Being on the seas under the stars is a great way to recharge my battery and I am sure I am not alone on that.:) Take extra time this month to ground and recharge. As Spirit usually keeps these weekly messages short and whimsical for this format, I continue to encourage all of you to ride the energetic wave of this month, especially on t7/14/14, 7/21/14. 7/28/14. Take a few minutes daily to connect to self, spirit, and globally if you chose. The amount of time does not matter as much as your like minded intention for global healing, not to mention yourself, as you come first, and spirit always acknowledges that. So keep passing on this months message of the" Global Om' so we can work together for all mankind. As OM may represent several different meanings to many beyond what the recorded definition from the ages., my Guides bring to me this meaning relating to this weeks message which is ONENESS in MOTION. As we connect around the world as one with like minded intention, we can contribute to the energetic wave of healing and balance for ourself, and the world around us as one uniting force. 
Love and Blessings, Carolyn



7/7/14 Global OM
Today is part of ABSOLUTE AWAKENING to the power of the efforts of ONE, it is a time of declared interconnection, intercommunication and interaction on the most passive as well as active actions It is a “Communion of Consciousness” We say it is the month of the Global OM, we extend that beyond the planet when we commence this. It is because the energy field and matirix of the earth alone is infinite and reaches far beyond what may seem comprehensible in your real time. We ask with great passion for mankind’s compassion. Compassion for ones self, others, and extending ones etheric body way beyond the borders of their inherent home in which they reside internally as well as externally. Think of this as telescopic reach into the collective matrix of consciousness as learning to stretch the physical muscles of the body more than you ever thought possible, as you have slowly primed them with several warm ups. A physical being does not venture into great contortions with their body without long periods of slowly training the body to relax and stretch with core breath, and allowing the physical flow of blood and oxygen to nourish the musculoskeletal system not to mention the entire physical being without ascending into it. Just as an athlete trains, you have all been training to attain to pure consciousness, unconditional love, and having the ability to play your individual part in the internet of consciousness. This is not new to you, but a refresher. It does not take as much effort as you may think, and can pull a lot less muscles than the physical body in training. The biggest obstacle humans find in all of this , is the fact that each individual CAN do this with relative ease. Just as the physical body is encoded within DNA the etheric body is encoded with the basic seven rays of light, however within those basic rays, there are insurmountable frequencies of each strand of light. This is where the training and ascension comes into awareness, so one can not only have knowing they can radiate this light, but truly begin to feel the frequencies engage. For most, one just needs to sit quietly and activate and initiate the seven rays, and work upward and outward on raising the frequencies. So much of this is engaged already on a higher level, however if more humans learn to turn up the power of light at will, and work with it, so to slowly become comfortable on all levels, physically and beyond to work with it. During this Global OM envision your grandest wishes for yourself as well as planetary for the highest good of all, in the least narcissistic way. Think about taking the largest paintbrush that is infused with the every bandwidth and frequency of light and paint the planet with that brush just holding it as the planet revolves until the Earth is coated with this healing and restorative light. We want to remind you, what you aid in manifesting for yourself you manifest for all collectively. For this month of your time, we hope as many will engage in the Global Om. Connect with as many possible for the healing and evolvement of the planet in which you inhabit. Each inhabitant is a great source of the Divine Light, we would hope to get this message alone out ,so more people can engage it, but first one needs to know it on the grandest level. We want to bring to your awareness that the word LOVE backwards is EVOL, as in evolve, evolution, no matter which way you look at it is Divine Essence., and we are all capacitators of that Light. Let us light the Universe collectively, now is the time, so Universe will greatly assist in magnifying it. Remember as above so below, we work in tandem with you, as you do with us. OM SHALOM, that is no “coincidence’ coming from two of the oldest and highest frequency languages on the planet. You are all Blessed.


Today is 7/7/14, I have been informed from my Guides and Angels, that this day is quite powerful energetically as it is it considered a day of a "Global OM" please take time for a few minutes of meditation, and or intention to send peace and healing throughout the planet on all levels. Please send this on to as many people worldwide as possible. Set clear intention for yourself as well to manifest for the higher good for yourself, and others around you. 11:11 would be a perfect time to do so, as well as anytime today as often as you can.Coming up this month is 7/14/14, 7/21/14, 7/28/14. Please help to initiate the wave of collective energy amongst us. Heaven knows the planet is in need, as the power of Oneness is deficient. The past few weeks alone have been very tumultuous world wide, let us help make this month as united with the power of LOVE, and PEACE, and HARMONY, as we united as the power of ONE!


Your Angels say there are way too many reality shows around your world today.  Too much drama on the airwaves, they want you to change the channel, go to satellite TV, better yet go to the Angelic Broadcasting Network, reception will always be good, as long as you raise your antenna, the volume will adjust to you. and there will always be great visions to watch, Your Angels will work on enhancing your vision, and showing new ones in technicolor.  The best thing about the ABN, is that nobody has to fight who controls the remote:)  It is the ultimate form of channel surfing!


 If life has been like a runaway train lately, remember YOU are the engineer. Focus your energy on staying 'on track', the most productive track, and go full steam ahead with that intention. Narrow your focus to set your sight on the most important dynamic life presents to you at the moment. You will be power driven. Your Angels, are calling 'All Aboard', let's go!!!!


 Harmony is the word of the week. Whether you can sing , play an instrument or not, one can always harmonize. It does not matter if we are talking physical or non physical harmony, it all about vibration and frequency. The more we are harmonically tuned to ourselves, and the world around us, so will others be. We are Divine instruments in every which way and need a little tuning now and then. When we are all in harmony a great symphony is happening, and your Angels are playing right alongside you.


 Time to cross your T's and dot your I's, when it comes to organizing your daily life. Always feeling like your are playing catch up, and spinning your wheels? Create a "Honey Do" list, but this time YOU are the Honey, and engaging your Angels,they will remind you to Do. Tying up daily lose ends decreases stress, and prevents that "stress hangover" upon awakening the next day. For example, respond back to the people who have called you, even for a brief minute, it is validating to those around you, and keeps communication open. Handle, one work related task, and one personal one. Make an effort to make your short and long list, set a goal to cross at least one thing off a day. Now go Do Honey!:)


Your Angels are singing the song “Scarborough Fair”  parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme.  Sounds like it is time to plant an herb garden, it is a wonderful way to experience aromatherapy, can make your own teas, and can enhance foods with fresh herbs. You don’t need a big yard to do this, it can be a window sill garden.  Besides being healthy for you to have herbs around, it is also protective, you can use essential oils with these herbs as well.  They are all protective to the auric field, and balancing.  Which ever way you decide to go, sounds like it is time to go to Scarborough Fair!!   Your Angels love to garden and grow herbs, ask the for a little Angelic light to help your garden grow.


Consistency, and continuity is the key to forward momentum. Take one dynamic in your life that you would like to move on, whether it be physical, mental, or spiritual. Ask for guidance, on one productive action step. Be consistent, stay focused, and most of all stay present. Your Angels are right by your side encouraging your success. By reading this message your first step is already taken, congratulations! :)


Spirit recognizes that you have recently done a random act of kindness. If you do not think so, you are being ever so humble. Always remember this includes you, what random act of kindness have you done for yourself? One for you, one for someone else! Go ahead, make your angels proud, take good care of yourself.


As I have been under the weather this week, here is the way late Channeled Angel Message of the week. "Decision making, dedication and delivery of the action is what is at hand. Your Angels are right there with you to help in any decision making process you are dealing with at the moment. Ask for their help, so you can feel and sense your way through it for your highest good. Dedicate a little time to do so, and you will dedicate yourself to the actions needed to proceed productively. Your Angels will deliver the energy needed, so you can deliver the healthiest options for you. You have a an Angelic fan club, they are cheering you on, as they know you can light the way for yourself and others!


What’s new pussycat? Seems like the cat’s got your tongue, you have been a little choked up lately, actually have been at a loss of words. You? It happens to all of us, Your Angels want to remind you, they are there to help you express your emotions gracefully. Stifling your words, holding back your thoughts, are not in the best interest of you. Unsaid words of emotion, can be expressed in writing if that suits you. It gives you a chance to organize your thoughts and words, outside of the heat of the moment. See, there is more than on way to skin a cat, metaphorically speaking.


Remember your heart can feel a little heavy, or vision a little clouded with settled dust. Go within, and ask your angels to help you do a little spring cleaning, and dust it off. You old souls, are bound to collect a little dust now and then!


Seeing a little red lately? Check in with your root chakra, if you are not sensing a strong grounding, best to refocus that color into vision, and take the red out of your face, and head. Angels want to see a balance. Take a cleansing breath from the ground to above your head and refocus. Your blood pressure will appreciate it. :)


Create something new for yourself today. A new motto, a new action, a new idea for you or someone you care about. If you cannot think of anything, take a moment to catch your breath, and listen to the little voice in your head, with some marvelous ideas. :)


Your Angels asked have you ever tried to hail a taxi, and they all just drive right by you. This is a city Angel asking by the way. Isn’t it frustrating not to be recognized? All you want is a ride, and nobody seems to see you. Well this little Angel wants to remind you that nobody is invisible on this earth! Just so happened the taxi driver was driving blind, it had nothing to do with you. You do not need any taxi driver to drive you to your destination. You are the best navigator with an internal GPS system. Follow your heart, and your Angels will light the road to your nearest destination towards success. :)


Old habits die- hard, this is a good time for you to release an old habit that is no longer serving you. This maybe a physical, emotional, or spiritual one. Universe is there to support you in restoring a non productive habit, with a healthy change. Take a few moments and ask for guidance, you maybe surprised on the answers you may receive. But if you hear your Angel say time to buy something new for yourself, make sure she sends you to the good sale! :)


Are homeopathic remedies, different from ordinary vitamins?

Yes, homeopathic remedies, are symptom specific, and the active ingredients are used in fractional doses. Meaning they are highly diluted. The philosophy is, less is more many times, and like treating with like. With a history that stems back to the 1800’s in Germany, modern homeopathic practitioners rely on specialized pharmacies and companies to produce remedies for a variety of ailments, using minute doses of a variety of elements. Clinical research has shown that there are clinical affects upon the body. The idea is to stimulate the persons own healing response.

Vitamins on the other hand help to maintain balance
as far as mineral, and electrolytes, and nutritional deficiencies. While certain vitamins and supplements do stimulate and enhance the immune system. Homeopathic remedies are usually given when there is illness, and the person is symptomatic. Both are natural and alternative ways to help maintain health, and possibly reduce the need and amount of antibiotics and other medications, that have a higher risk of side effects. With that said, a person can combine these alternative remedies while being on medications with the appropriate advice of their medical, as well as certified alternative health practitioner.


Your Angels are talking to you about Drivers Education. This may not be in relation to your driving expertise, or awareness while driving. But if it is then they want you to buckle up, and if you send messages while driving, do it telepathically, it gets there much faster than a texting, and keeps both hands on the wheel.

However, your Guides are talking about another kind of driving… like how you are driving yourself crazy! Perhaps it is because someone else is driving you crazy. Whether it is something you are putting upon yourself, or someone else is causing this. Spirit wants to remind you, who is at the steering wheel! You can change direction anytime you want. Drive up another path, or road to offset the craziness. This takes tuning into your internal GPS for direction. It is not worth getting a physical or emotional speeding ticket. Life should be driven slow enough that you do not miss the beautiful scenery along the journey.


Your heart is warm, your head is cool.  Universe recognizes that you have kept a cool head in a heated situation. You are an empathic person with a big heart.  Sometimes it is difficult to keep your cool, as you care and react quickly.  Ask your Guides and Angels for a little spray of chill now and then.  You are doing a good job, stay consistent. Congratulations!


Your Angels have been a few theme parks lately, and have ridden a few rollercoasters with you. They are feeling a little dizzy from the ride, how are you doing? If you stick with them, they will not let you ride in circles, or take steep dips. Calling on spirit gives you the ride of your life, that can be a lot smoother, then those coasters!! Time for a little grounding and realignment.  

Carolyn's message [Referring to the message above]: With this New Year well engaged, it is a year of positive flow, with that said it can be somewhat disorienting with change in the works. Keep grounding yourself to stay in the flow, and see the signs of growth around you. Enjoy the ride:)


Persistence pays, and your guides have said you have been persistent!  It takes consistence to be persistent. You are in the midst of, and already have achieved something to check off your action list.  You are in an active phase cycle. Keep going, and recognize the baby steps that add up to the giant leaps.  Stop to pat yourself on the back for each baby step taken.  Be persistent in that, but don’t pat too hard, you can hurt yourself :)  Always know your Guides and Angels are always shining the light on you. So if you have a little sunburn you know where it came from.  Keep up the great work! :)


It may be time for a new perfume or cologne.. If the odor in your life is offensive at the moment, just remember it is a passing issue. This can be neutralized by the fragrance of your favorite flower, or herb, such as rosemary and sage.  Mother Earth gives us all the healing fragrances we need to neutralize any stinky situation at the moment.  Know it will pass, as soon as you decide to send it off on the next cool breeze. I am smelling lavender, how about you?!  :)


Universe is encouraging you to look towards the stars, as it is a starry night, and there is a light show awaiting you.  Look for the messages in the heavens above, make a wish on a shooting star, take deep breaths in the night air, listen to the sounds of nature all around you.  The earth is talking to You and will never stop. Isn’t that a reassuring thought. :)


Your Angels are asking, how do you respond to a bully?  Bullies come in all forms, from a employer, so called friend, or acquaintance, and even a spouse, and those relentless telemarketers, who love to call at dinner time.  Don’t they ever stop to eat???  Your guides want to remind you to set strong boundaries for those who want to over step them.  One way is to be aware of your energy field/aura, and visualize it being pulled into closer to your body. Like a rose closing into a bud.  Many times people try to take advantage of us when our energy field is wide open.  It is like an unconscious invitation for others to use us for target practice.  Take control, close the target, and see what happens. 


Have you been antique shopping lately?  Your Angels have and they found you to be an antiquated treasure.  This means, you are an old soul, with tremendous ability and know how, but as with any valued antique a little dust needs to be cleaned off, to see the radiance of the treasure.  Remember your heart can feel a little heavy, or vision a little clouded with settled dust.  Go within, and askyour Angels to help you do a little spring cleaning, and dust it off.  You old souls, are bound to collect a little dust now and then!


Ping pong, do you tend to play ping pong with the thoughts in your head, thought so!  When you start to bounce your thoughts off the walls, throw them up to Universe, your guides and Angels are waiting to help you work it through.  Identify the issue to toss up today. :)


Remember when there were bottles that said no deposit, no return? Well if you are not old enough, you will have to take spirit’s word for it. If you are old enough, then you will know that there are many messages floating around the world in glass bottles.  Your Angels and Guides say it is time for you to send off a message to universe in your bottle, and in return they will send you a message in their special way. Just remember to write neatly on the message you send, so spirit can read it!  If you have a request from Spirit, the only requirement is just ask!  There maybe a bottle out there with a Genie in it, one can only hope :)


Rumor has it, that someone has been doing their due diligence, and starting to tune into to the Universal guidance channel, more and more.  These things get around the galaxy fast.  Your Guides and Angels, are cheering you on, as you are recognizing more and more, how much you are able to perceive.  Your crown chakra is in the zone, and so are you. Write down a sentence or two, of a new awareness you may have received. You can do this daily, or weekly in a journal. This is a wonderful practice to start at the beginning of the new year!  Spirit says to "Remember that when staying in the zone, you don't have to do it alone. :) " Even the Angels get a little corny now and then, but they mean well!!!



Happy New Year!!!…

"You move to the left, then you move to the right, do the hokey pokey in life, and move to higher insight. You can physically do all the lateral moves in life, but if you do not stop and center from time to time you cannot ascend upwards to connect to higher consciousness and insight. Rest assured that your Angel is a great dance and knows all the right moves."  

Happy New Year to all! As with all new beginnings for a new year, we often make promises to ourselves, relating to our health, personal and professional life. It is a good idea to write these goals and aspirations down, as a health care plan for yourself. When things are physically written down, many times it solidifies those aspirations energetically. Besides it is always good to go back to that plan and re-evaluate, and take pride in what you have accomplished. This week I received a very poignant message from my Angels, regarding this new year, for myself, all others, as well as globally. To keep it brief in light of the weekly message below. Spirit reminded me of the 4R's. " Respite, Respire ,Restore, Reactivate our bodies as one is Re-Spirited . This is in order to begin a powerful year ahead. " 2014 will be a strong year globally with forward progression and momentum for all. As with all growth there can be some growing pains, but with the proper balance we can bring in for ourselves as stated above, we can all move in a forward direction, if we have and keep the fortitude for progressive momentum that not only affects us individually, but the world around us. I wish blessings and love to all for a bright new year!


Spirit knows you were the person in school who erased the first answer you got that was the correct answer, only to second guess yourself to circle the incorrect answer.  So the lesson of the week is do not second guess yourself, your first instinct is usually the correct one. Your Angels will tell you not to dilute a perceptive thought into no thought at all.  But just as we don’t always listen to our mothers, we don’t listen to our guides.  Second lesson of week, Start listening :)


You are engaged! Well maybe not the romantic kind with a fiancé, but engaged in life and your higher self. This is in the light of love for you, and the love from Universe. Your solar plexus is stronger than you think, you are in the midst of regaining your power, and energy. Keep that core strong, do not let anyone, or anything try to drain you physically, or emotionally, as you are learning to engage healthy boundaries Stay engaged, strong, and centered. Keep asking your Angels for help along the way, they are always around you!!!


Experiencing a little blue in your day recently?  Well then "Picasso"  it is time to get out of the "blue period" and take hold of your magic paint brush, and add some new invigorating colors. Ask your Angels for the paint brush and starlight colors from Universe and change it up.  You are the master artist in your life, but it helps to ask for the arrary of colors that may not be seen by most people.  This can energize you faster than that funny little bunny they have running around on earth. Blue belongs in the beautiful sky above, not in your mind. Take a moment to connect, ask and visualize the beautiful frequencies you can paint for yourself as well as the planet.  :)


Your Angel says you are Broadway bound.  She sees your name up in lights!  You have been taking positve action in many ways. You are a bright light on the stage of life.  So if you can dance, I would do a little two step as long as you don't tap dance around future issues.  Just a reminder, to stay on the path you have been on as that path leads to broadway.  Lights, camera, action!!!


You are perceptive, deep feelings towards others.  That does not mean you need to put up walls that can block your vision and heart for self.  It is time to be perceptive for you and only you at this time.  Build a wall of golden mesh, this way it is protective and restorative, as it let's the light in and the energy flow through it.  Break down the solid wall of bricks .  Your heart says that is too heavy and that is suffocating in all ways.  Go for the gold baby!!!


So your friend often asks you for advice, and before you know it, a lot of your friends ask you for advice.  Your Angels are asking, when was the last time you asked YOU for advice?  They want to remind you, that YOU are your best friend, and many times you may forget that.  This is a gentle reminder from your friendly neighborhood Angel!


The Angels say the price of gas is going up.  They know that is not a grand prediction, however, they want you to conserve a little of your own fuel and energy on a couple of matters that may have you spinning your wheels.  This is like a car in neutral with your foot on the gas pedal, burning gas, expending energy, but not getting too far.  Save gas, slow down your motions, body and mind.  Better yet, put that car into drive and take yourself to the closest yoga class, or your favorite quiet place for a little meditation and a breath. The oxygen will rejuvenate and re-energize, mind, body, for a more productive journey!


Compliments are not a dime a dozen, it is time to rethink the compliments said to you in the past on your behalf that you might have taken with a grain of salt.  Universe speaks to open your heart to all compliments, and instead of taking it with a grain of salt, take it with heaping spoonfuls of sugar.  Now think of a compliment for yourself to top all the compliments of the past.  Come on now don't you want to give yourself a little "sugar".  Your Angels say you've earned it!!!


Your heart has been beating loud and clear.  It's trying to tell you something, are you listening?  You do not need to wait to go to the doctor to listen to your hert with a stethoscope.  Listen to your heart with your heart, and follow it to it's nearest destination, as it is filled with love.  If that destination is a local coffee house, it maybe filled with a little caffeine as well, but you may want to stick with the the decaf at the moment to slow down the beat a bit. :) 


One of your Angels just came from the art museum of Universe, and saw a masterpiece that uncannily resemebled you!  They say everyone has a twin, always remember you are a masterpiece, to Spirit and the world around you.  Angels, thought you needed a little reminder! :)


There is music in the air, and your Angels are playing it.  What type of music have you been listening to lately?  It maybe time to try a new frequentcy.  Remember, we resonate on requencies, and different ones cause us to react in different ways. What's your favorite "chill" station? If you stop to meditate long enough, you may herar the beautiful frequencies from the Angelic realm.  They are very good musicians, and provide healiing sounds.  Hint... you do realize those sounds may not necessarily be a harp! :)


ABRACADABRA!!!  Spirit says, it's time to see the magic, you are the magic, and the magic is is in you.  Magic is all around. See the signs in everyday life, you stumble upon them daily.  Think about keeping a simple journal of the signs you begin to see.  You saw something today... we know you did :) 

M-anifestations of       



I-nstinctivly to