One on one energy session: Includes a health history, an assessment (physically and energetically) and Energy balancing. A session is comprehensive and includes coaching. 


Grief session: Carolyn specializes in grief work, and not only focuses on the emotional and spiritual aspect, but she works on how grief impacts the physical and energetic body. Her clients say after a session they feel as if a great weight is lifted off of them.  


Remote sessions: Carolyn does offer remote sessions for clients that are out of town. This can be done on the phone, facetime or skype. Contact for more information. 


Pre and post operative energy session: It is important to prepare the whole body for surgery. This is done energetically as well as emotionally. With Carolyn’s experience in medical/surgical nursing and pre and post op nursing, she brings holds an informative session to help you prepare for upcoming surgery. It is just as important to prepare the energy system as well. Post operative energy sessions are to follow. This helps realign and balance the whole body to potentially expedite recovery and reduce discomfort. (Please note either of these sessions could be done separately if you wish to have either or.)


All initial visits are 120 minutes long, all follow ups are 90 minutes.

Carolyn is available for speaking engagements, workshops and lectures.
Please contact for more information.




Your opinion is important to us!
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The loss of your best friend, a kindred spirit from a very different background; a very unique and special person that the Lord has blessed you with has died. Your grief has become all consuming. It has taken over your life to the point of feeling ill and the dark sadness has you imagining things about your friendship that were not real. This is all you think about day and night. I was at that low point and counseling was not helping. Carolyn was recommended by a friend of my daughters who sees her for energy work. I figured that I would give this a try. I really needed some help. My whole life was being affected. Being ignorant and sceptical of energy healing I made an appointment. I really needed my mind ,body, spirit and heart to be healed. I needed to gain some sense of control over my life again and gain understanding and answers to move on. After an intake evaluation with Carolyn, on my first visit, I felt an unconditional, nonjudgemental love and acceptance from her. Carolyn's compassion for you is sincere and confidential. I really look forward to each and every appointment.With my heart feeling much lighter and open and thinking more clearly, I finally feel the sweet spirit of my dear friend and know that she and my angels are rejoicing together and are always with me!Carolyn has given me the confidence, tools and ability to understand that staying grounded and balanced will allow me to have a much calmer life. My life has been truly blessed because of this amazing person! 

- P. Taylor,  Orlando, FL


Carolyn is truly "The Energy Nurse" but I would also say she is "The Feel Good Nurse", "The Life Coach Nurse","The Problem Solver Nurse"and an extraordinary human being.What makes Carolyn so extraordinary is her ability to understand what is going on with you physically and spiritually. Her empathic skills are amazing and her understanding is further enhanced by her intuitive gifts. Carolyn can connect on a level which is not comprehensible to the average person. But after spending time with her you realize she's "The Real Deal".Her mission is to help people and I've witnessed it first hand. She brought peace and hope to a close friend of mine who was terminally ill. Carolyn gave my friend messages from her mother and other relatives who had passed. My friend was a skeptic but after Carolyn worked her "magic" and brought significant information to her which only she knew, my friend couldn't stop thanking Carolyn. This gave her great comfort. I too was grateful to her that she gave this priceless gift to my dearest friend. Caroline also helped her transition at the end of her illness with great compassion, love and understanding.Carolyn's talents connect on a spiritual and physical plane. I've experienced her healing touch just by the placing of her hands on my body. And I've heard amazing stories first hand from people who were helped by her. She is gifted, talented and a rare gem. Knowing her is truly an honor for she is an Extraordinary human being!                                                

- Joyce Malament Poupko, NYC


Carolyn's book is filled with inspirational guidance Her recounting of lessons learned have made me open to listen and feel.  I'm truly blessed to have this book!...      

- Barbara V.,  NYC


I was filled with grief when I met Carolyn.  My husband had recently passed away, and I was lost. I was searching for answers as to what really happens when you die.  After spending time with Carolyn, everything started to fall into place. I found through her, that he was not lost, he was still with me and around me.  Although was still full of grief , I was no longer full of fear.  After meeting Carolyn for the first time I truly started to heal.  I had been to grief groups and counselors which helped in their way, but it wasn't until I started working with Carolyn, I immediately felf better and truly started to heal.  Not only does she have incredible and unquestionable ablilities to communicae with those that have crossed over, her healing energy has helped me in many ways. It has been four years since I met Carolyn, and still see her on a regular basis, not only has she helped me through my grieve, she continues to help me maneuver through life. :)

Karen R., Melbourne, Fl


Carolyn Green has gifted me,with the spiritual truth that our loved ones are really not that far away from us when they die.  After my son passed on, instead of becoming more receptive to psychics I became more cynical.  Although I believed in my core that that true psychics exist, I became much more aware of the types of statements that they can make that are so generalized.  I originally went to Carolyn for holistic healing as a gift from my dausghter.  I was not aware at that time of her psychic abilities.  Within minutes she said things to me that she could not have known from other sources.  Personalized information that I felt my son was truly telling her.  Songs that he sang around the house, other names in the family, etc, I was truly stunned.  Carolyn doesn't seem to put much emphasis on these abilites, but focuses more on the aura, chatkras, etc.  I feel she is truly gifted.  She communicated more information from my son than the five other titled "psychics " I had gone to since his passing. Carolyn has helped my family trememdously, not only with communicating information from my son, but with her genuine kindness, insight,and committment to healing.  Thank you to the spirits above for choosing Carolyn as a recipient of these gifts.  She truly honors them.  

- Elaine P., Melbourne, Fl


I am wrtitng this staement because I think it is very important that I reach as many people as possible to be touched by the work of Carolyn Green.  I have known Carolyn for a number of years, and have experienced her amazing gift personally.  Within the pages of her new book; Getting to Know YOU, Carolyn has found a way to express concepts we all need to understand in order for us to live a more harmonious, and empowered life.  Isn't that what we all are striving for?  Her ability to simply and state clearly step by step concepts to help us all better understand just who we area nd what we want.  I have been blessed to be able to experience Carolyn Green's energy and insignt, andfor that I will be forever grateful.  Now this book has given a bigger audience the opportunity to be blessed by her abilities too.    

- Debi O.,  Orlando, Fl


Carolyn has changed my life with her energy work and healing.  I am naturally a person who doesn't relax easily.  She showed me how to breath and meditiate.  Her amazing energy work has a physical healing effect as well as  helping me balance my whole world.  Carolyn has showed me how being open can allow me to help others with love and light.  Carolyn's work has given me strength to get through some of the most difficult times. She gave me the ability and confidence to know that staying grounded and balanced will allow for a calmer life.  Just thinking of how my life is so much more because of this amazing person!

- Lawana H., Oviedo Fl