Get to Know the Authentic You 

Registered nurse and holistic healer offers guidebook for mental Spring cleaning 

Orlando, FL – Getting to Know YOU, by Carolyn Green, provides readers with 18 concepts of awareness that can be worked through on an introspective journey. 

These will help clear the nonproductive thought patterns that affect our daily lives. In addition, they will encourage readers to connect to their higher self. The ultimate goal for the book is to achieve a level of self-validation from within oneself instead of outside of oneself. The author hopes readers will realize their self worth and see how the world is really interconnected. 

Influenced by her childhood experiences with energy, Green has become a registered nurse, certified healing touch and integrative practitioner and certified coach who blends Eastern and Western healing options. She furthers her outreach to the community as the co-owner of Apopka Wellness Center. 

Green’s hope is that after reading the book, people will takeaway the knowledge of how powerful they are as individual healers. She believes that if people can connect their ability to a grander level that will enhance the way we cope and move through life. The sheer experience of life extends the timeless gift of knowing. 

“In general we are all caretakers of others, but we often neglect ourselves as life gets busy,” Green says. “I want people to learn ways to cope with their physical, emotional and mental stressors so those things aren’t swept under the rug.” 

Getting to Know You: Guided Pearls of Wisdom for a More Soulful Existence 

By Carolyn Green 

ISBN: 978-1-45256-410-4 (hardcover), 978-1-45256-408-1(softcover), 978-1-45256-409-8 (E-Book) 

Hardcover price: $33.99 

Softcover price: $14.99 

E-Book: $4.99 

Available at,, 

About the author 

Carolyn Green, the official “Energy Nurse,” works with the human energy system to aid in the healing process and shows people how to use this side of them. She recognizes the energetic system to be as important as the physical body. At young age, Green was able to see and sense the energy around her. After the death of her father when she was 10 years old, Green became more receptive to the energy. Her guides and angels made their teachings more accessible to her. In addition, she is a registered nurse, certified healing touch practitioner and certified coach. Also, she is the co-owner of Apopka Wellness Center that boasts a multidisciplinary center. More information about her can be found on her website: 

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